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Sorting Process


  • "We will see the Sexed Semen industry grow quite stongly now that we know this sexing process works. Conception Rates in virgin heifers are constantly at 65-68% with one service. The gender selection rate has been great. In the last AI program with female Sexed Semen, out of 62 calves born 61 were heifers.

    At our last sale, heifers bred to Sexed Semen brought an average of $500 more than heifers bred to conventional semen. On semen sales, the price of Sexed Semen brought an average of $350 per straw; whereas the unsexed semen averaged $100 per straw, this proves people's interest in building a strong female herd.

    I think Sexed Semen is definitely worth what is costs to be collected."

    - Fred Schuetze - Buzzard Hollow Ranch

  • "If you run the economics of using semen, particularly in flushing, you make a whole lot more money using sexed semen than conventional semen.

    I've done 5 flushes now, and I would not use conventional semen for flushes if I had Sexed Semen available from a variety of bulls.

    Conception rates on embryos are as good as they are with regular semen."

    - Jack A. Dutton -Dutton Simmentals

  • "With our new dairy coming into operation later this year, our need for Jersey females is great. Using sexed semen on our existing females is the most economical way for us to stock the new facility."

    - Scott Wickstrom - Wickstrom Jersey Farms Inc.

  • "Sexed semen helps us breed our own replacements and become less reliant on outside sources for growth. As well, we've been able to cut down on some of the health issues we experienced before when we were bringing in 200 head from 30 to 40 different herds."

    - Ron Kutz - Kutz Dairy

  • "About 80% of our heifers are mated with sexed semen and the remaining 20% with conventional semen. We see tremendous potential for Jersey replacements and growth of the National Jersey herd. Sexed semen fits our business plan right now because it helps us supply Jerseys for regions of the country where cheese production is expanding."

    - Gary de Graaf - Jer-Z-Boyz Ranch

    Semen flow during sort process

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